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When creating Miss Liberté we were playing around with patterns, colors, unique details in order to create distinctively feminine products. Each individual item is supposed to be a treasure hiding in your drawer, worn with a smile and pleasure. Will it create a stir? Most definitely! Will it be seen peeking from under your clothes? We hope so! Miss Liberté is to be worn proudly – not shy away from the world!

When thinking about a new product we always start with a structural blueprint. We are looking to combine freedom of movement with uniqueness of the design – those are crucial elements. The structure should be light yet functional. Well-made lingerie fits like a glove, is delightful to look at and doesn’t restrict your movements. We are not interested in bras that photograph beautifully but are a pain to wear. You will not find padded cups or push-up bras in our portfolio. Though we know they are indispensable in certain circumstance we leave them to others. Freedom and comfort are essential to Miss Liberté.

Once we have the base structure we shift our focus to materials, trying to identified those which will fit it perfectly. Light, often translucent, delicate and soft to the touch. There is no place for compromises here. At, what we call prototype stage, we mercilessly test the durability of our fabrics by wearing and washing them extensively. Your first though, upon putting on our products, should be “how delicate!”. After that, it’s time for the key element – color and pattern. It is supposed to highlight the distinctive characteristics of each design and strengthen its uniqueness. But most importantly it is supposed to accentuate the natural beauty of the body and bring a smile to one’s face.

Sometimes, we hear remarks stating that the distinctive patters of our materials are reminiscent of swimming suits. WE consider it a good thing! There is nothing more pleasurable than the sun on your face, sand on your body and wind in your hair. Strong colors and patterns enable us to evoke those emotions each morning and retain them throughout the day, at work or on a crowded street. Our first collection is based on deliciously feminine floral patterns. Rest assured however, that it is not our final word on the subject, as Miss Liberte doesn’t like boredom and loves to experiment.

The last stage is all about the details: surprises like the unusual strap designs and unexpected cut-outs. Miss Liberte likes to create those little mysteries to unfold and unravel, that is why we are constantly looking for intriguing and uncommon solutions.

We bring all of our ideas together and create a product that is handcrafted, with particular attention to details, in limited numbers. We are always looking for new designs, so that the lingerie worn by Miss Liberte was specular and one of a kind. We wish to grow with our clients, which is why we welcome any suggestion regarding our creations. If you have something to share with us please write! .

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