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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The rules of the Privacy Policy presented below describes the rules of storing, accessing and collecting information from the devices used by The Customer by means of „cookies”, which are used to provide electronically supplied services requested by the User.


  1. SERVICE ADMINISTRATOR (“ADMINISTRATOR”) – is administered by MISS LIBERTE Magdalena Zawadzka, based in Warsaw (02-032), ul. Filtrowa 77/23, NIP: 972-106-18-29, Regon: 361042208. The Service Administrator provides electronically supplied services, as well as stores and accesses information on User’s devices.
  2. COOKIES – means small bits of information/data, in particular small text files, saved and stored by various devices, which enable the Customer to use the internet sites of the Service.
  3. SERVICE COOKIES – means „cookies” used by the Service Administrator, relating to providing electronically supplied services
  4. THIRD-PARTY COOKIES – means „cookies” used by affiliates of the Service Administrator, via Service’s internet site.
  5. SERVICE – means internet site, via which the Administrator conducts it’s business, located at
  6. DEVICE – means any electronic device used by the User to access the Service.
  7. USER – means any entity, to whom, in accordance with the terms laid down in these Terms & Conditions and/or other provisions of the law, electronically supplied services can be provided, or with whom a Sales Agreement can be concluded.


  1. Service Administrator does not disclose or sell any personal data to third parties, without User’s consent. The exception being the request of the court, prosecutor’s office, police or other body of law.
  2. Any personal data provided by the User can be used for marketing purposes only with the User’s consent.
  3. The User remains anonymous until the first order is paced or until the user subscribes to the Administrator’s newsletter. At that time, providing certain personal information becomes necessary, and said information is transferred to the Administrator’s database.
  4. By placing an order the User knowingly accepts the conditions of the Privacy Policy, and agrees to the processing and use of entrusted personal information, as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws 2014, item 1182, as amended). The data collected is used solely for the completion of the Sales Agreement, issuing purchase receipts, shipping orders, and for possible return/replacement/complaint. Therefore, Service Administrator has the right to disclose the information to it’s vendors and affiliates, exclusively for the purpose of efficient order processing.


  1. The „cookies” used by the Administrator do not pose any threat to the User’s Device. In particular, they do not allow for transfer of viruses or other unwanted software or malware. The files allow to identify the software used by the User, and personalize the Service for each User. A „cookie” consists of the following components: name, value and zero or more attributes – attributes store information such as expiration date, domain name and flags.
  2. Service Administrator uses two types of „cookies”:
    a. SESSION “COOKIES”: stored on User’s Devices, exists only in temporary memory while the User navigates the website. Web browsers normally delete session “cookies” when the user closes the browser. Session “cookies” do not allow for transfer of any personal or confidential data from The User’s Device.
    b. PERSISTENT “COOKIES”: are stored on User’s Device; instead of expiring when the web browser is closed, a persistent “cookie” expires at a specific date or after a specific length of time, or needs to be manually deleted. Persistent “cookies” do not allow for transfer of any personal or confidential data from The User’s Device.
  3. The use of „cookies” on User’s Device can be restricted or disabled. In such case the User will be able to use the Service, with exception of functionalities that by nature specifically require „cookies” to function properly.


  1. Service Administrator uses „cookies” for the following purposes: 

a. System configuration

i) to adapt Service’s web content to User’s preferences and to optimize the use of Administrator’s website.

b. User authentication 

i) to maintain and manage User’s internet session (after login), allowing the User to access all components of the Service without having to retype User’s login and password;
ii) to properly configure certain functionalities, allowing in particular to verify the authenticity of the browser session;
iii) to optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator.

c. Implementation of processes required for full functionality of websites  

i) to adapt Service content to the User’s preferences and to optimize the use of Administrator’s website. In particular, these files allow to recognize the basic parameters of the User Devices, and properly display the webpage, tailored specifically to User’s individual needs;
ii) to enable the use of „Basket” function.

d. Analysis and research of Viewing Figures/Ratings

i) to create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the Service Users utilize the website, which allows to improve Service’s structure and content.

e. Ensuring safety and reliability of the Service

2. Service Administrator uses third-party „cookies” for the following purposes: 

a. to present multimedia content on Service websites, which is downloaded from an external site, e.g.: youtube.

b. to collect general, anonymous statistical data with the use of analytical tools, e.g.: Google Analytics.

c. to log on to the Service via social networks, e.g.:

d. to utilize interactive functions to advertise or propagate the Service via social networks such as:,, etc.


  1. The User can at any time change the settings for „cookies”, specifying conditions of their storage and access to User’s Device. Changes to the settings referred to in the previous sentence, can be made using the web browser settings. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way, as to block the automatic handling of „cookies” in User’s web browser, or to inform the User whenever „cookies” are introduced to the Device. Detailed information on the ways of handling „cookies” are available in the software settings (web browser).
  2. The user may at any time remove „cookies” from the Device using the features available in the web browser’s settings.
  3. Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Service website.


  1. Subscribing to the Newsletter, at the time of registration or later on, gives the Service Administrator the right to provide the User with periodic updates on promotions, new products, sales, contests, collections, events and other information related to the Administrator’s business activities.
  2. The Customer may unsubscribe from the Newsletter, without stating the reason, at any time without bearing additional costs, by clicking „Unsubscribe” button located at the bottom of each email. Unsubscribing is not tantamount to deleting User’s Service account.
  3. Service Administrator reserves the right to:
    a. send commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on provision of electronically supplied services (Journal of Laws 2013. Item 1422);
    b. temporarily disable the newsletter functionality due to technical reasons;
    c. stop providing newsletter services with prior notification of its users;
    d. delete the account should the User violate Service Regulations.
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