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Born in Poland, Warsaw, from a deep longing for freedom and originality in lingerie. Out of desire for women's freedom, diversity and comfort.

It all started with a simple observation: what the market was lacking is a brand for women who treat their femininity with an easy and carefree attitude. Women, who do not wear bras that need to be carefully displayed in the dim candlelight, preferably while spread over the bed. Women who are confident, free and naturally sexy.

Meanwhile, every day, when dressing we are forced to compromise. Comfortable or sensual? Functional or unique? For sports or for a date? That is where Miss Liberté comes in. A brand, which says goodbye to existing rules. Casual, flirtatious and original at the same time.

Still, Miss Liberté is more than just lingerie. It’s a manifesto of the type of womanhood we admire, deserving a brand that represents it freely and without inhibitions. We aim to create #libetelingerie for an unpretentious, fun-loving and carefree woman, whose personality is as richly coloured as our products. We wish to tell their stories, grow with them, and showcase their natural beauty.

Miss Liberté proudly represents a daring, local brand, whose products are created with respect for the environment and people involved in it. Find out more about sustainable production of #libertelingerie.